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Adjusting To A New Place

20140422-140910.jpgI was curious how the kids would adjust to a move and we found out this past weekend. I will admit that the first night was a lot rougher than I could have imagined. Our daughter was fine, but our son had a complete melt down when it was nighttime.

He is a boy who likes his environment, and he did not embrace the change. He screamed like I haven’t heard since the night he came home from the hospital. It was the torturous sounding screams and it broke my heart to hear him crying like that. I felt terrible and there is nothing we can do about it now, we live here.

The second night resulted in him making an appearance in our bedroom at 3 A.M. Not the typical start to living in a new home we were looking for, but he is adjusting. Last night was the first evening both kids made it to sleep without any problems.

I think they are realizing this is our new home and getting familiar with the surroundings. This morning me made it to the playground around the corner, and the kids had a fantastic time. They even made a new friend in the process. It’s only been a few days, but I think the kids are doing a great job of adjusting to the new place.

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  • I remember having this fear when I moved from DE (away from cousins) to CA but it ended up being fine. There’s not a whole lot you can do in that situation other than hold them and let them know it will be better in the long-run. They’re a bit young to understand that so giving them ice cream helps too!

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