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Fall Has Arrived

imageYesterday marked the official start to the fall in our family. You see for us the fall means NY Jets Football. It’s something I have been doing with my father for over almost thirty years now. We also have our Football Family, which is all the guys we have been going to games with over the years. It’s a tremendous feat that we still have this going. All the guys are people who I went to elementary school with. Even though we moved to other states & endured some horrendous seasons throughout the years, the crew always stood together.

A lot of my friends from High School & College also get tickets from time to time, so its always good to see friends from every stage of my life. Now that we have started our first season with the Great Dads Society, we have even added new members to our football family. Yesterday’s game was so much fun, and I think as each year goes by our tailgate gets a little bit more special.

Now that I have my own children, I cannot wait to experience a game with them. Bonding through sports teams was what connected my father and I. My kids have been to baseball games, and they have the same excitement at sporting events that I do. However, I do not think they are ready just yet for the long day of tailgating. The Jets have somehow kept me connected to my childhood friends and essentially made us like family, and I hope my kids can have the same fantastic experience soon. It’s official fall has arrived.

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