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LEGO® Contest: Show Us Your Creations

photoI’m sure by now you all know my love for LEGO®. They have been a part of my life for over 25 years now, and will continue forever now that I have children of my own. We have made thousands of sets over the years and many I am very proud of and still display (Nerd Alert!).

I feel building LEGO® sets with your children is such a great bonding experience, and it’s something that lets kids imaginations run wild. Some of my favorite memories as a child are of building sets with family and friends. I hope to experience those same memories with my children once they are old enough to play with the sets.

The Great Dads Society has teamed up with our sponsor LEGO® to hold another contest. We have three prizes and the rules are pretty basic. Send us a picture of your favorite set you have put together recently (or not recently if you are a nerd like me and have some displayed) to AskAGreatDad@gmail.com and we will pick the three best!

The contest ends 7/31/13. Three prizes are a Star Wars AT-AT limited edition, Harry Potter The Burrow, and a City Dirt Bike Transporter.
**Disclosure Notice: We are working directly with LEGO® who has provided us with products for Family Fun.

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