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Santa Will Bring It

Santa “Santa will bring it” is our daughter’s new favorite phrase. I’m not sure where she picked it up from, but it’s consistent now. It originally began with a “Maybe” but that word has been dropped from the vocabulary. Santa also is brining vintage toys thanks to the show “Toy Hunters”.

I know I was sour about Thanksgiving this year so I should just leave Christmas alone, wrong, I’m a humbug. The holidays no longer have meaning other than what are you giving me or getting me instead of about what we are celebrating. On Thanksgiving we saw people beat the crap out of each other over deals on towels, that’s right, I said towels. Has society crumbled that much that on the day you are supposed to be most thankful to be living in this country, we assault each other for a deal on towels we are going to give someone on Christmas?

Back to my daughter, I’m the one who harps on lets teach people what we are celebrating, yet my own child is obsessed with the consumer aspect I hate so much. Maybe I’m being a little harsh she is not even three yet, but she is going to be disappointed when none of this stuff is brought by Santa. I keep telling her Santa only comes to little girls houses who consistently use the potty, but that’s for another post. So starting immediately I’m going to try and explain why we are celebrating. Let them know it really has very little to do with gifts, and when it is, it’s about giving not receiving. We will show them how we celebrate in style, with our family.

Moms & Dads:
How did you curb your children’s expectations when it comes to presents from Santa?

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  • Our church has a “giving tree” where different charities (homeless shelters and the like) can request things. Every year we let the kids pick an ornament off the tree and they help get whatever it is that is needed (gloves, socks, etc.). That way the focus is more on giving to others. Also, we don’t talk much about Santa. We ask the kids what they want, sure, and we do try to limit how many presents we give each of the kids (both from us and from Santa). There is a period of time, usually around 4 or so, when it doesn’t matter what you say or do. It’s that experiential piece that Santa doesn’t just bring everything.

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