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Video Game Preview: Skylanders Swap Force

20130921-151820.jpgOn Wednesday we were invited to preview the new PS4 and Activision’s Skylanders Swap Force before it’s release on October 13th. It was our first introduction to the Skylanders Series, and we were blown away. It is an interactive console game with figures that are transferrable between the series. It’s a game that’s filled with plenty of level ups, and really allows the user to play across multiple platforms. Each character in the Skylanders Swap Force have interchangeable tops & bottoms allowing for 256 possible player combinations.

20130921-151937.jpgThe game has unbelievable graphics, and the PS4 was beyond impressive with all the changes. It’s very cartoon like and has bright colors making for a great game for Dads to play with younger gamers. This game is what I dreamed of as a kid with lots of innovative features. The interaction with the figures really allows the younger players to use their imagination during the challenges. Although my daughter is a little young to use the controls she certainly loved he figures, and all the different characters she could make by swapping the tops and bottoms. The game took over two and a half years to develop and was in production before the first game was released.

I think Activision hit a home run with the Sylanders Swap Force game. I really enjoyed playing the game & my kids loved all the characters. I think if you are a parent with young gamers this is a must buy for the family. The game will be released October 13th, for more info please visit www.skylanders.com/swapforce.

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