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Who Is This Great Dad?

Before my inbox floods with hate mail calling me a pompous ass, let me start out by saying I am not claiming to be the authority on parenting.  Being a father is a lifelong process, a journey that I myself am pretty new to.

My wife and I live in the NY metro area and have a one year old daughter and are expecting our second child, a son, in about six short weeks.  We got this idea to start blogging about the journey we have embarked on together because it has changed our lives in ways you can only imagine if you yourself are a parent.  It is my wish to create a place where dads of all kinds can come together to share in the good, the bad and the ugly that come with parenting.

To me, being a great dad means building a bond with your children, one so strong that when they reach that age when they naturally pull away, you know that bond is strong enough to bring them back to you when they are ready.

Thanks for stopping by and joining in on the discussions.
Robert Loftus

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